KTM EXC 350/450/500 (2011 — 2015), KTM 13L fuel tank

A fiberglass faring kit for KTM EXC 350/450/500 (2011 — 2015), KTM 13L fuel tank.

A bolt-on kit. To install it you need just screw-driver and wrench. No welding.

All fiberglass parts are made with premium quality from epoxy resin and glass tissue. All these parts are formed from solid piece of tissue without any cuts.

This kit includes:

  • Navigation tower (steel)

  • Steering stem bracket (steel)

  • Mask (windshield) (fiberglass)

  • Side elements (fiberglass)

  • Engine pan (fiberglass)

  • Engine pan bracket (steel)

  • All bolts


  • All fiberglass parts come with black inner surface (tissue relief) and gray primer outer surface.

As options you can order for additional payment:

  • Additional layer of tissue (for side elements and mask). Makes a piece a bit heavy, less flexible, but extremely durable.
  • Carbon tissue decorating for any fiberglass parts included in kit.

  • Carbon-kevlar tissue decorating for any fiberglass parts included in kit.
  • Painting. We can paint a kit ourselves or pass it to professional car painter company. Our self-painting is a good quality painting with primer + color + lack, but in close looking it may have a small defects like dust particles e.t.c. because we haven’t a special professional wet-filters and walls room for painting. A variant with pass it to professional painters gives a perfect paint quality but more expensive than our self-painting.

Kit production time:

We haven’t produced kits in a storage, every kit producing when order comes. A production time is 3-4 weeks, depends of our production load. If you choose any options production time would be longer, depends of option.

Payment: a price you can see here is a clear price without any PayPal or bank transfer fees.

If you have any questions or you wish something special or want order a kit – please contact us

Price(no any options and fees) = 570 euro